I don’t understand how a pool can have 70 million delegates make 26 blocks and another 50 million make 26 blocks. The first one receives more rewards in my wallet having the same delegated currencies.

I’m not 100% sure about this but I think the reason for this discrepancy is the pool stake. While you see actual values at and, the pool stake that counts for the nomination of blocks to be produced during the actual epoch is the pool stake at the end of last epoch. Therefore it’s possible, or even probable, that the number of blocks produced (which should in the best cast be equal to the number of blocks nominated) doesn’t correspond exacly with the actual pool stake.

@Herr_Rossi I don’t think your info is correct. Here’s why. Epoch 16, my pool had about 52 million stakes and the pool was scheduled for 25 blocks. We created all 25 blocks with a 100% performance. Epoch 17, same amout of stakes but we were scheduled for 11 blocks, a drop of 14 blocks. I am shocked. I think there are other unknown variables because i haven’t be able to figure out why the drop even though my pool has the same stakes. By the way you can verify this info on when epoch 17 is completed.

I agree, a drop from 25 to 11 nominated blocks is hard to be explained by the randomness of the nomination procedure. Maybe some large fish undelegated right before nomination and someone else delegated afterwards to your pool so that you don’t see much change in the pool stake? I don’t know.

I would enjoy very much to have some pdf for pool operators and delegators that explains the different parameters. Right now we have a lot of peer-reviewed papers where you need to be a mathematician to understand all of its content or a lot of wild guessing and very few experiences. It’s about like walking in the dark and trying to remember the floor plan of a hotel you put up at yesterday…

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Same issue with ZZZ pool in epoch 13 and 14. 286 million stakes 176 blocks in epoch 13. 384 millions stakes in epoch 14 and they created 116 blocks. Assuming they had 100% performance, that was a reduction by 60 blocks Check and there are similar drops by different pools