Staking Rewards Seem Small on my current pool


I’m really new to staking etc…but I have received 3 staking rewards so far and they are very much under what the calculator says I should expect. I’m getting like 1-2% at most…and not sure if I should just stick it out and is it worth trying to find a better pool? I feel kinda bad about leaving a pool since it’s probably just bad luck for the pool owner, but is this normal to receive small rewards alot instead of the expected calculator rewards?

Thanks for any advice…I love this community!

On short term u will see that the rewards are fluctuating, this is happening because the luck factor of the pool (1 epoch can have 1 block assigned, another epoch 0 blocks , another epoch 5 blocks, etc…) will be different from epoch to epoch; the rewards estimation is for long term (1 year). Check the ROA of the pool… as long is around 5% it should be fine…

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There has been a very similar question over here, which looks at owner rewards and delegator rewards in a little more detail.

Here is a good reward calculator that you can use.

Thanks for the reply. After further researching my ADA holdings in my staking pool, it turns out that the whole amount of my ADA wasn’t being staked yet…I was confused by the pool delegation info because it told me that all of my ADA was there, but that apparently doesn’t mean that it’s all being staked yet haha…well I learn something everyday in this adventure of crypto. By next Epoch I should be all in and it will be giving me the amount I had calculated with the ADA calculator.

Oh thanks so much for the info!