Getting NO BLOCKS - what's the problem?

My pledge is 1.5M ADA, and there’s currently about 350k additional stake. So that’s a total of about 1,850,000 ADA staked on my pool.

It has been running for several days now, but without a single block. Is this normal?

The TX is increasing and everything seems to be working fine. But still 0 blocks minted. I would have thought by now I’d have at least a few minted blocks.

What am I missing?

We have experienced 0 blocks for an epoch with 7m delegation. It is just luck of the draw.

0 blocks for how long?

How long (in time) is an epoch?

And realistically what should I EXPECT with around 2M ADA delegated?

If you registered at epoch n, your pool won’t be able to mint blocks at best before epoch n+2, the time pools parameters and delegations become active.

Once it is able to mint blocks, you can see the expected probability to make blocks on both in the metrics tab and in the rewards tab.

Here is an example with a pool that matches your description: pooltool metrics.

This pool registered at epoch 222, so it won’t mint blocks at best before epoch 224, hence the 100% probability to mint 0 blocks for now. With such a stake and current d parameter, this pool will likely make in average about 1 block per epoch, but with some variance, so often 0 blocks and sometimes more than 1.

Also have a look at Viper pool analyses each epoch for the probability to mint blocks:

The minimum stake required in order to expect to make a block decreased slightly to 1.85M ₳, leaving 69% of pools below this threshold.


How did you manage to setup your pool if you don’t know how long an epoch is? This is not meant to offend you, but it is very basic SPO knowledge…

It’s ok. Stupid questions don’t offend me (not to offend you).

I can cut and paste commands into a terminal, without needing to understand all terminology, and exactly how the Cardano network works. For important things that must be understood, I have staff.

It takes time to mint a block. The network is alive and knows who’s who and wants to see committment first. I haven’t minted any blocks either but I’m expecting my first block within 3 to 4 weeks from the time I first spun up my nodes. My pool has a decent/respectable total amount staked and I’m patiently waiting (for now). Affter the first block, then it seems like the average for other pools is at least 1 to 2 blocks per week… give it time

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Cheers and beers!

You can install leader logs scripts and check if you have any blocks assigned to you this epoch. Just so you don’t have worry that you are not getting blocks due to some misconfiguration :slight_smile:

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