When a staking pool gets activated?

I’m new to the community. I created a stake pool and It’s showing here in https://pooltool.io/ my stake pool id is cb416392997a88c272733182fbdc42cd1333b1ec525f55c69c8effa5. I want to know as there is 0 inside the epoch blocks and lifetime blocks Is my pool not activated yet? I followed the official doc here 1. Get configuration files — cardano-node Documentation 1.0.0 documentation.

How much time does it take to activate the stake pool?

Do I need to pledge more to activate pool?

How many blocks you mint is based on your total stake at the epoch snapshot (1.5 days before the next epoch). With 1M ADA you have a chance of 1.0 to get a slot, less than 1M you have a lower chance. My pool only has 46k but we were very lucky and minted a block last epoch. But that is the first one after having my pool running for 2 months.

My pool has 200k and has not yet found a block after more than 2 months.

Anybody who has connections with the chance gods please drop my name. Much appreciated :smiley:

And if no blocks minted by the pool that means no reward for pool right ? Or it’ll get the fixed amount 340 per epoch without minting blocks?

No blocks, zero rewards. Each block awards a certain amount of Ada. The fixed amount portion (minimum 340 ada) will go to the pool operator. The margin fees (x% of the remainder) are then deducted from the remainder and send to the operator. The rest is spread amongst the delegators in proportion of their stake. Where the pool owner’s pledge also counts as stake.

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