Block Rewards

Can anyone explain the timeline for block rewards? I know it takes 2 epochs before they show up in pool wallet but do the rewards come at the same time or are they paid out gradually over the course of the whole epoch? I have minted 5 blocks epoch 336. But i am only seeing the reward from one block in my wallet.


U should receive all rewards once… for me it happens ~15min after epoch transition…

U can go to, search for the pool then go
to rewards section… and there u should see the rewards per epoch (rewards for pool and for delegators)

What is ur expectation rewards? maybe u didn’t understood well the reward mechanism?



According to a previous thread, this is your pool:

So, yes it’s totally correct. You got 5 blocks, but: The fixed cost (340 ADA) is payed per epoch in which blocks are minted, not per minted block.

Even if you would mint 100 blocks in an epoch, you would still only get the fixed cost once. Only the margin rewards would go up. They go up for you too, but at 1% it’s not that much.

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Ah i see. I thought it was per block. Thanks for the clarification!