What are the typical rewards for minting a block?

I fully understand that this is complex but surely someone can give some ball park numbers on what they are getting per block. I have a degree in pure mathematics but I struggle to understand the ridiculously complex maths (or math if you are American) that people post to explain the rewards. Can anyone just post - yes I got X amount of ADA for the last block I minted - just for an example. Everything doesn’t have to be shrouded in mystery surely.


There is no mystery, it just seems that most explorers are not listing the rewards per block because that doesn’t seem to be a terribly useful metric.

In Epoch 225 it was about 1300 ADA, down from about 1850 in epoch 215. The number is getting smaller as more pools are joining the network.

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Great - thanks for this as this is useful to know. However I don’t understand why the number of pools should effect the value of a minted block. If the number minted is constant then I would have thought more pools would just mean that each pool has less chance of getting to mint a block.

You are right, that was a careless and wrong statement from my part. It is the amount of staked ada, not the number of pools that drives the reward per block. Maybe also other factors, I haven’t studied the mechanism in detail yet.

The amount of rewards is only the sum of these 2 things:

  1. All transaction fees: collated from the set of transactions included in a block that was minted.

  2. Monetary expansion: involves distinguishing between the total supply of ada and the maximal supply of ada. The total supply consists of all ada currently in circulation, as well as the ada in the treasury. The maximal supply is the maximal amount of ada that can ever exist. The difference between these two figures is called the reserve. During each epoch, a fixed, (but parameterizable) percentage of the remaining reserve is taken from the reserve and used for epoch rewards and treasury, where the amount being sent to the treasury is a fixed percentage of the amount taken from the reserve.

Got this from here:

So I don’t think the number of stake pools will affect this amount. Nor the amount of staked ADA in the entire network.

@GrahamsNumberPlus1, as to estimating the amount of rewards per block, it’s fairly easy to get a good idea by going to one of the explorers (like PoolTool.io or CardanoScan.io).

Just check out one of the pools that produced blocks in the previous epoch. See how many blocks they’ve produced and the total rewards they’ve received for those blocks. After that, it won’t take a degree in pure maths anymore to get the average rewards per block. :grin:


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