Why the reward not rewarding

Whay the reward not rewarding

If you look at the active stake for ADLT3, it shows 31.21K ADA. A pool needs close to 1.2MM ADA to produce a block every epoch and as a result give you rewards every epoch. A pool with around 800K has a 50/50 chance of minting a block every epoch (every 5 days) so that’s why you’re not seeing rewards.

Feel free to contact the pool owner if you have a means to do so if you want to stick with this pool and see what their plans are for the future. Alternatively, find a different pool to stake with that has at least over 0.5M ADA. Preferably in the 1.2M+ range. It’s great to support small pools, but it sounds like this is ADALT’s 3rd pool maybe? (I don’t know) … and you’re not getting any rewards. Again, please contact them if you can/want to and see if that makes sense for you or go ahead and switch pools because as it is, you’re not going to see any rewards unless the total stake goes up significantly. If ADLT have 2 other pools that are doing well, maybe you can switch there.

Best of luck to you.
CPX Pool

These numbers around stake are all based on metrics today and do not apply for the distant future.


As per your screen shot…
It’s June 4th 2021 at the moment.

Exactly, the rewards will be paid in epoch 270

This is what I mean
He used to pay me 10 ADA before

“He” is not paying you - it is the network, which does it automatically depending on your portion of the stake that was active for the given epoch.

With a smaller pool the total reward (i.e. delegator reward + pool reward) will be less than with a larger pool. With a smaller pool, you’d have a larger portion of it. If cost per block was zero (i.e. Fix + Margin) it would not matter where you delegate to. Even if the chosen pool would only mint 1 block per year, your annual ROA would be the same as if you got rewards every epoch.

Cost per block is of course not zero. From the delegator perspective, it is the portion that the operator keeps for himself for every minted block. Smaller pools may have a significant higher cost per block, but may be doing something else to compensate for that.

The awkward situation with unreasonably high pool rewards is (for example) explored here to some degree.

You can also use this calculator to compare various pool options.

BTW, the replies posted above are all from fine folks who run small pools - they too do a great job keeping the “network” run smoothly