1.5M Stake - 4 Epochs and no slots

Something’s wrong - I’ve had four consecutive epochs in a row and had zero slots scheduled for my pool. Key’s are fine 483/31 - Not sure what’s going on, to go from an average of 1- 2 block per epoch to none.

What do your leaderlogs say?

4 epochs is not that long. Could be just a stream of bad luck. Probabilistic processes are strange sometimes. If they weren’t that would also be suspicious.

yes, I check them before every epoch, all 0, I sure it will work out soon - just worried I missed something somewhere. Patience I guess. :wink:

If they don’t give any errors, have correctly predicted your blocks before, and you didn’t change something big, then I’d guess the zeroes are correct and it is just bad luck.

Patience I wish you!

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Hi Judofish, my name is Dimitri and I run AZ5 stake pool. We also have around 1.5 million ADA staked we have also experienced zero blocks minted for the last four (339-342) consecutive epochs. This is highly unusual since we have regularly minted 1-3 blocks, almost every epoch, for over one year. Our keys are still valid as well.

Has the Cardano formula recently changed, that might explain behavior like this?

Anyone else experiencing this?

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Yes this is VERY worrying, We normally get one epoch with zero blocks every 5-6 epochs but 4 in a row is out of character, we recently updated to 1.34 around 4 epochs ago! Did you upgrade your node recently? Does anyone know a solution to this? - It will not average out over time so please don’t comment this, we should get 1.3 blocks per epoch - 4 zero epochs in a row means something is definitely wrong.

We at plebpool.com PLBPL have the same. We usually find every 3rd epoch. We are now 9 epochs without a block. Seems to be a trend. Do u have a high strike rate. We have 110% luck so only thing us now somehow this is part of the calc? Like we being punished for being lucky now? Other than that seems to be since the last latest upgrade of the BP.

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I’m tempted to downgrade to 1.33…

We’re at 1.34.1 and will update you tomorrow on block assignments for the next epoch.

IWH has less stake stake the y’all but I’ve been on 1.34.1 from the first day. The producer minte all forecasted blocks. It’s “just” a streak of bad luck if your leaderlogs forecast 0 blocks as well.

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Just to update - I just think it was a run of bad luck, I updated my Kes again even though they had loads left.
The very next epoch I received 4 scheduled blocks ? so maybe something was wrong, I have had one block in the following 2 epochs and I’m still running 1.34.1.

So Ok for now.

How did this end up working out for everyone? Any news or updates? - I have just had 28 Epochs with no blocks (average stake 300k) which would only happen around 1 in 1515 times. I minted 26 Blocks consistently over 18 months then suddenly a brick wall.

Had a look at that some time ago in “your” thread:

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Ok thanks .