Why have staking rewards seem to have gone down?

It seems that staking rewards have gone down significantly in the last few months. I know there is a lottery and that rewards vary from epoch to epoch, but it seems that pools more rarely are able to hit the 5% annualized reward in an epoch. Mostly I am seeing pools generate 4% or less for epochs in a row. I have studied pooltool.io and found that it is not only happening the pool I stake with but all pools.
Sorry if this has been covered but I haven’t seen a post that adequately covers this nor do I see anyone concerned about it.
I appreciate any response in advance, thanks

I have only staked for 1½ months so have lite history to look back at but isn’t this accordning to plan? Maybe not quite this fast but i do seem to remember having read that the stake rewards will go down fairly quickly after a few years only and it has been active more than a year already?

Maybe it’s just down to bad luck and you will have better epocks later on?

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The going rate of the staking return at an average stake pool is now 4.52% annualized, about 1% lower compared to a year ago. This is expected as the reserve diminishes and income from fees should increase (fees have increased about 4x from around 80k ada per epoch a year ago to around 310k in the last epoch - but that is not yet enough to compensate for the reduction in the distribution from the reserve. The distribution from the reserve reduced around 39mn ada per epoch a year ago to around 33mn ada per epoch now).

As the rest of Cardano infrastructure comes online we should see more rewards coming from fees, but for now you will get around 4.5%

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OK that makes sense, thanks for the response. When Sundaeswap fires up things should get better.