Cardano Staking Rewards Timeline Infographic

Hi there,

I would like to introduce a simple infographic explaining Cardano staking rewards timeline. I hope it would be helpful for beginners.


Thanks alot for this graphic!

Just one little thing you may consider to change :

The rewards are paid out in the same epoch as they are calculated but at the very end of the epoch. This also means that the rewards which are paid out are directly included into the next snapshot.

This means for your graphic : the rewards are also paid out in the 4th epoch but at the very end of that epoch.

I hope this makes sense for you :slight_smile: If you have any questions, feel free to ask :slight_smile:



Thank you so much for the correction! It is important to show that the rewards are included in the snapshot. I have updated the design, I think it’s more understandable right now. :blush:
I plan to design more detailed ones in the future. Thank you again…

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If the first rewards are paid in Epoch 4, then should Epoch 5 be calculating rewards from Epoch 4?

Do you (does anyone) know the technical reason for this very long delay?

At first sight, it seems as if it should be possible to snapshot at the end of epoch N and immediately use this stake to calculate block leadership for the pool and rewards for the stake in epoch N+1 to be paid out at the end of epoch N+1.

This should prevent bad actors from hopping from one to another pool while trying to “destroy” the pools. Because if a pools gets oversaturated, alot of delegators will leave the pool because they arent getting the maximum of rewards.

This way someone who wants to attack pools like that would also loose rewards, which means hes getting less money in this time with his funds.


Thank you for the Infographics.

I am new to ADA staking. I have a YOROI wallet and its support team has given some tips on staking that each wallet must stake or delegate all ADA coins to the selected pool. I am not sure if there were any tenure to the staking. The CS officer did not reply to my enquiry on withdrawal and other admin questions. Can some assist?

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Sorry, i’m a little unclear… are you asking regarding the possession of the coins? ie. if you remain the custodian or if your ADA is passed on to the pool operator while staked?
If this is the question, then the answer is that your ADA remains in your wallet, under your possession at all times.
When you stake to a pool you are essentially linking your wallet to them until you decide to un-link it. This is the reason the contents of that wallet can only be delegated to one pool. If you decide to delegate to multiple pools you can simply set-up multiple Yoroi wallets within the app/chrome extension and spread your coins between them.

We have additional wallet/staking details in the blog section of our website -

I hope this helps.