My ADA has disappeared?

I thought I’d make a small investment of my hard-earned into ADA as it seemed like a great platform. So I bought about $1,000 worth on an exchange which came to a little over 412ADA. I left it on the exchange for a few weeks while I figured out what to do with it.
Eventually I learned about the AdaLite wallet. I don’t like leaving my crypto assets in exchange wallets so I set up AdaLite, got it talking to my Trezor, and transferred my 412ADA from the exchange to AdaLite thinking it would be safer there.
Then the wallet suggested staking/delegating to I delegated the full amount to a pool (I didn’t know much about this but I guessed I would earn a yield by delegating to a pool).
When I have checked back 12 days later, my balance is zero.
Is it possible that my small stake of 412 ADA has all been consumed in staking fees?

No. The only fees you pay to stake are 2 ADA as a refundable deposit and additional transaction fee for about 0.16 ADA. You shouldn’t see your ADA go lower beyond that. Even if you stake with a pool that isn’t performing well, the only thing you risk is not making more ADA than you perhaps could have otherwise with another pool but you never lose your ADA and you never send your ADA somewhere else. Your original balance always remains yours. It’s possible this could be a sync issue? I’m not too familiar with ADA Lite and Trevor integration unfortunately but I do know some wallets had sync issues showing zero balance and it was just a wallet sync issue, meaning your funds were still there it was merely a display/user interface problem.

Thank you for your response. I think it may be because I am not familiar with the wallet. maybe it is there somewhere and I just need to work out how to find it.

Just check your wallet address on That is the reference I use when wallets play games with my heart.

Check But I’m afraid to inform you that it’s been a massive stolen wallets of ADA. Mine is one of them.I lost every ADA that have been “save” in a Yoroi wallet and stacking in a pool. I don’t know how. My passphrase and seed phrases where safe…

Hello! WAO!! Is that really a rip off what they did to you ?? It is incredible how there are so many scammers out there. And why I am not buying or getting anything else anymore from anybody. It is just sick how can that be possible that the World is becoming a nest of thieves all over the place. And there is no one where we can go and report them for stealing or something like that. Besides the Governments are the first thieves around the Glove. Take care dear amigo!

Use a HW wallet If you have more ADA than you’re happy to loose

Yes I should really just stick to BTC and ETH, or at least to those assets supported by Trezor. Buying assets not supported by Trezor always seems to end badly for me.

This discussion continued under a different thread, and the issue has now been resolved. My sincere thanks to all who helped me to sort it out.

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