~20k ADA Missing from Staking Pool

Hi All,

I have been away for a few months and just returned to check my ADA Staking on AdaLite.

I straked around 20k and when I logged in today I found that my account and staking pool both show 0.

I believe this is the address I staked from:


Can someone please help me look into this?


This address doesn’t show any transactions. Maybe you are using the wrong wallet address, and your staked ADA is at a different address?


I am using a Ledger Nano X as my wallet and this is what shows up as the address and I am following the same process as I always have.

Any suggestion on what else I can try?

Ok I did some digging, found the original wallet transaction and ended up being on a different ledger device PHEW*

Slight state of panic for a moment but thanks for the fast support :wink:


Great, happy that you managed to find your ADA :slight_smile:

Great, Congrats.