Lost 15000 ADA in the Staking Pool in my Atomic Wallet, need Help

Hello Folks,

I´m a little nervous because a few minutes ago, I got a message that a Transaction was happening on my Atomic Wallet. When I checked it my ADA were gone. First I thought it was an hacker or something, but when I looked in my history the ADA never left the staking Pool. So Im really really confused.

The rest of my crypto currencys are still on my Atomic Wallet. But the weird part is, I restored it on my mobile phone because, the new Passwort that I made directly when this happend didnt worked their. On this restored one, I see zero on every Wallet, yet on my Computer it shows me I have still my balance

Its most of my money, and as you can think Im really shocked right now, even that Im thinking its just bugged atm.

Don’t be worry, some this is updating. many people have this problem.

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I checked it via block explorer, so the money is still on the wallet. I let the topic open if you have the same problem check your wallet out via: How to check transaction on the block explorer? - Atomic Wallet Knowledge Base

If you still have your money you see it there. Would be better for my nervs when I saw this earlier.

Thanks for topic. I have the same problem. It seems that a hard fork is happening. ADA is on blockchain, a few hours later, every thing is going to be ok.

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Try to restore the attomic wallet on other device
A recommandation for u is to move ur ADA to an official wallet like Dedalus or Yoroi

Download only from official sources!
Daedalus is available only for desktop (there is a fake app for Android) and Yoroi is available for desktop and mobile!



I restored it on my Mobile Phone, it seems Atomic Wallet has issues in general right now because, on the restored on I´ve got zero in every wallet, whitch is not the case haha

But as soon it will work again I will send it to Dedalus and the rest of my currency on other wallets.
Thanks mate :smiley:


I’m having the same problem as well.

Did you checked it via the link I posted so its still there?