ADA disappears from Daedalus wallet

Very strange… I’ve just gone onto my Daedalus wallet and noticed that I’m a considerable amount of ADA down since yesterday. The last transaction out I made was on 29th October for 0.1 ADA.

Since there have been no transactions in or out of my wallet, I can only assume there’s a glitch in the way information is being presented. I did update to Daedalus Mainnet 2.6.0 yesterday so perhaps thats got something to do with it.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Did you already migrate to a shelley wallet? You probably restored a shelley wallet but didnt migrate your funds.

Try to restore a byron wallet first. If you still dont see your funds please open a ticket here :


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False alarm, it appears it was an issue with a VPN. I’m going to delete the thread, it doesn’t look good but thank you very much for your rapid response… Appreciated