Was I scammed out of 2400 ADA? (FEB 11)

I left 2400 ADA in my Daedelus wallet and for the life of me, don’t remember sending it off to my Atomic Wallet on Feb 11th, but there is a tx from my “address” that shows that I sent 2400 ADA from my Daedelus wallet. My Atomic wallet shows me receiving 0 ADA with the same tx hash

I have contacted Atomic support and have been waiting to hear from them but in the meantime.

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damn,…i almost forgot…i did install Atomic wallet as well…and my cardano was sent to another address…i lost over 3000 ADA…i posted this here…

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What is an Atomic wallet? Is it official from Cardano?

I’ve already uninstall it…it’s like a common wallet where you can install many coins…but I did not use it yet…

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this seems to be the wallet address that ended up getting the ADA


Hey there. I seem to be having a similar problem to you. Have you found out if anyone can help recover this?

Unfortunately, nothing can be recovered if the funds were sent out of the wallet by an unauthorized person :frowning:


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Hi Alex, Thanks for your post. Even if these transaction addresses are visible on my app?

Unfortunately the transactions are not reversible… once the funds left the wallet you can’t stop/cancel the transaction…

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There’s a company I found today willing to take money for a service… as you’d expect. Ive asked for details on how they plan to recover coins and they believe they can deal with the exchanges. Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Scams - Get Your Money Back!


will be awesome !

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Yea, it seems like the wallet that was enriched from the scam is holding 50 million ADA?

Or did the person who ran the scam stake their ADA somewhere? That seems like alot…

Here is the wallet that recieved my ADA, I believe I downloaded a fake Daedelus wallet for android…

They sent a bunch of ADA here



All i can do is hope one day that violent karma meets them

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There is no real Daedalus wallet on Android, only desktop version , the one on play store is fake.

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