Recovering Stolen ADA

Afternoon everyone. Long story cut short, 12 word phrase was compromised on Atomic Wallet, 6000 ADA cleaned out and some zill which says its pending to leave (even though I believed it was locked while being staked) I can see all the transaction history. Is there any way to trace this? or are there any companies which deal with recovery. I would appreciate any helpful advice.

Hi @J800AMA ,

so sorry to hear that. I think we have 2 persons that had the same experience like you using Atomic Wallet. Let me give you the topic link.

This one:

You can trace the transaction using Cardano Explorer

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There is this one here … I think it relies on some cooperation with exchanges.


Hi there, Thanks for sharing. I just took a quick look at that company on Trust pilot and unfortunately it was not a gleaming testimonial from people.