Missing Cardano coins

I need help in trying to find my ADA coins.

On 12-15-2019, I withdrew ADA coins from Coinex exchange.

I successfully transferred a lot of other coins from Coinex on 12-15-2019 to the Atomic wallet. I deposited 9 other coins on the Atomic wallet on 12-15-2019 between 11:40am and 2:37pm. All the coins are there except ADA. Chances are that I would have tried to transfer ADA coins there as well.

I have the 12-word recovery for the Atomic wallet and I don’t see ADA with my other coins. Something happened that I am not aware of.

I did reach out to IOHK support and was advised that the funds are in a wallet. I did not get a specific response as to what wallet and support has not responded to my further requests.

I did check the ADA address on the Atomic wallet and it seems to indicate that it is Byron.


Can that same address can also be on a non-Atomic address? Or do all wallets have different addresses?

It’s baffling that I cannot find those coins. If anyone has any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it.

I am also reaching out to the Atom support team to get some clarity.

Thank you.

The 12-word recovery phrase for Atomic wallet cannot be used transparently on official wallets (they derive the keys differently from those 12-words than Daedalus/Yoroi). Your best bet for guidance will be via Atomic wallet support teams, as IOHK support can only advise from Daedalus point of view.

Assuming your 12-word seed is correct and it is what had the funds (i.e. after restoring that wallet in Byron mode, you dont see any outgoing transaction) - Atomic wallet support teams should be able to sort you out.

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This is the reply I received from IOHK.

“Different wallets can help you restore the same recovery phrase. So it is it does not matter if you created the wallet on Atomic, if it is a valid Cardano wallet you will be able to restore it on Daedalus.”

IOHK also stated that " I just tried their wallet to try to understand it and I noticed that they are now showing only Shelley addresses on their receive menu UI. I wonder if there is something they need to fix. If they are not showing the Byron addresses associated to a 12-word wallet, is it possible that they are not showing Byron addresses BALANCE?"

When I check my Atomic wallet, it does show the address under a Byron wallet. So to IOHK’s point, is it possible that Atomic is not showing balances for Byron addresses?

I am not 100% sure that I did the DA transfer to Atomic wallet but if on the same day 12-15-2019, I also successfully transferred 9 other coins, it is highly likely that I also wanted to transfer ADA coins.

I do know initially that I had wanted to get ADA on the Ledger wallet and that is where the Daedalus information came about. Daedalus wallet was so complicated that I abandoned that. I don’t ever recall getting any recovery phrases during that process. Even now, trying to deal with Daedalus, it takes hours for blockchain synchronization! In this day and age, that is unacceptable.

I seem to remember that ADA was on the Atomic wallet. Maybe i was not paying attention after that since ADA price was not exploding then as it is now.

If IOHK can see the funds, I just need to know the steps to take to access them. I am also still waiting for Atomic wallet support team to respond.

You’re comparing apples to oranges. Daedalus is a full blockchain node wallet. If you want light wallet, you would want to use https://yoroi-wallet.com instead, which has supported ledger for over a year.

That is unfortunately incorrect response from that support member, best to use atomic wallet support instead for atomic wallets (I understand you’re waiting).

If you dont see any transfer in atomic, maybe you didnt transfer from your source?


I only have a recovery phrase for Atomic wallet. The ADA coins are not on the Atomic wallet.
I don’t have a Yoroi wallet and was advised that the address is not associated with that wallet.

If IOHK can see the ADA coins, I just need to know what wallet.


Anyone can see the coin on explorer. For example we can see IOG funds on explorer, that does not mean we know which wallet it is in :slightly_smiling_face:

Check out this video and be careful when you get tech support from Atomic:

Thanks for the alert.

I contacted Atomic through the app.
While I can give the address where the funds went, I would not give information like private keys or recovery phrases.


I have great news!
The ADA coins were in the Atomic wallet.
The message that I received from Atomic support is:
Due to the recent Shelley upgrade, the format of the ADA addresses has been changed automatically. You need to manually claim your balance from the old address to a new address to be able to see your balance.
I now have the ADA coins in my wallet!
Thank you.

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The Shelley upgrade was in August 2020.


I added the coins to the wallet on 12-15-2019 and forgot about it.
It was not until about 2 weeks ago that I started paying attention to what was going on with Cardano.

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What version is ur atomic wallet?

U had a byron address and now u should have a shelley address

I see there is an option to claim ur ada from an older address, can u try it?


Hi, I have had the same problem with ada disappearing from my atomic wallet. I have attempted the reclaim procedure but it days nothing to reclaim. Its still there on the on the block chain scan just not showing in my wallet. Any ideas?

Atomic wallet issues… I recommend to u to move the funds to Daedalus (available only for desktop/laptop) or Yoroi (available for mobile and desktop)


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