Tokens lost?

i sent (two years ago) some ada from binance to the atomic wallet.
Now the Atomic ada balance shows 0.
i see them in the Cardano Explorer.
how do i get access to them ?




Please contact atomic support team,they should help you to recover the ADAs

How to contact Atomic Wallet Support Team? - Atomic Wallet Knowledge Base.


when i look up the current ada adress in my atomic wallet, it is different from that one i sent it to.
is it possible atomic changed the adress ? i am almost 100% sure that it was the atomic adress.
is there a way to find out wich wallet is connected to the adress i sent it to ?

in 2 years many things were updated in CARDANO, probably you had at that time a Byron wallet, now since Shelley was released on 29 Jul 2020 we are using Shelley wallet format (new addresses format)

Anyway, contact them and ask to solve your balance issue.


Thanks very much

i put in the recovery seed phrase from atomic and recovered an adalite wallet
it worked

now it’s time to delegate

happy delegation