I send ADA to old Atomic wallet address. BALANCE IS NOT AVAILABLE IN WALET

I have send the ADA to the address in my atomic wallet: DdzFFzCqrhswyemXqSwZiZ63YfG5EiHyDvF8c6Zx9pLbWkH1q1xWCFKPcJZrx9jsk8dLYEdZwKtvd8RChEbcdvNwWXZFtg7JN6QU2yhQ

But wallet not showing the balance.

Transaction id: ce370958e8470911bb13a5ae5e1a820655f0133d0557dd87d751c64efee42ff3

Where is problem???

ADA are on DdzFFzCqrhswyemXqSwZiZ63YfG5EiHyDvF8c6Zx9pLbWkH1q1xWCFKPcJZrx9jsk8dLYEdZwKtvd8RChEbcdvNwWXZFtg7JN6QU2yhQ
check on cardanoscan.io

Perhaps you need to refresh your wallet, or update it to a newer version.


How I can claim the ada using by private key? The old address Atomic Wallet not supporting longer. Because I have updated ada address using by phone 3 month ago, if I update the wallet in PC I can lose the private keys for the old ADA address.

I have sendet Cardano coins (ADA) in my Atomic wallet, to old cardano address witch was before Shelley. Unfortunately, Atomic wallet has not yet been updated in my pc, in another devices are updated and address are different,. I have the private key for Cardano.
My question: Can I import these coins to a wallet other than Atomic wallet with the private key?
What is a good wallet that can be used to do this?

U have a claim button… did u tried it?
U sent in your old Byron wallet; u should contact Atomic support team!


You don’t have to go to the Atomic Wallet T / P, take your recovery phrase and follow to Yoroi Wallet. There is a function to restore your Byron wallet! Everything will be OK!

sorry for my English :slight_smile: