Lost ADA after restoring Atomic Wallet

Hola a todos! como están?
Quería comentarles lo que me sucedió con ADA y Atomic Wallet.
Tenía la app de Atomic en 3 dispositivos (IPAD, CELLPHONE y Desktop) pero solo en el IPAD podía ver las monedas de ADA. Consulté al soporte de Atomic y me dijeron que tenía que hacer un restore en todos los dispositivos para poder emparentarlos y poder ver los mismos balances en cualquier dispositivo.
Al hacer el restore desaparecieron las ADA del dispositivo IPAD.
Desde Atomic me dicen que creé 3 billeteras distintas, de hecho, tenía 3 direcciones de ADA distintas en cada dispositivo, pero mi pregunta es: como pueden ser billeteras distintas y, aún así, veía todas las otras monedas menos ADA?
Hice el restore con las palabras semillas que siempre uso y sigue sin aparecer ADA.
Como puedo recuperarlas? No puedo ver ninguna transaccíon como para justificar los fondos… está todo en 0.
La transferencia la hice desde Binance… servirá de algo buscar en esa transferencia y enviarles al soporte de Atomic?
Muchas gracias!

Hi all! how are they?
I wanted to tell you what happened to me with ADA and Atomic Wallet.
I had the Atomic app on 3 devices (iPad, CELLPHONE and Desktop) but only on the iPad could I see the ADA coins. I consulted Atomic support and they told me that I had to do a restore on all devices to be able to match them and see the same balances on any device.
When doing the restore, the ADAs disappeared from the iPad device.
From Atomic they tell me that I created 3 different wallets, in fact, I had 3 different ADA addresses on each device, but my question is: how can they be different wallets and, even so, I saw all the other currencies except ADA?
I did the restore with the words seeds that I always use and ADA still does not appear.
How can I get them back? I can’t see any transactions to justify the funds … it’s all at 0.
I made the transfer from Binance … will it help to search for that transfer and send them to Atomic support?
Thank you very much

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How did you installed the atomic wallet on 3 devices? You restore them from backup or u just create 3 different addresses?

There is no need to worry about your coins. If you can see the balance on the block explorer but not in the wallet - there is simply a connection issue. Our support team is ready to help 24/7 at support@atomicwallet.io and there is a live chat option on our website. We hope that helps!

U need to check on binance to which atomic address ADA were sent; then check that address on explorer if still has ADA, if yes contact atomic wallet support and request them to fix ur wallet

Few recomandetion for this situation

If you’re experiencing an error while using the app. Here’s the list of solution: 1. Check your public address on explorer (for ex. Erc20 tokens, check it on etherscan) 2.Check your app if its the latest version. 3. Try refreshing the app and restarting your mobile phone. 4. If you use mobile app, try using vpn. (suggesting openvpn.net) 5. Recover your wallet again with your 12 words on the log in page. 6. Try using desktop wallet


First of all, thanks for your answer.

The way I installed the apps was: I download it and enter the password in the different devices, I didn´t restore from backup. That was an error?

I’m looking for the transaction ID on binance and will check… I´m writing you back…

I checked the cardano address on cardano explorer and I found the coins/balance that I used to have in the wallet.
What should I do? Tell atomic wallet support to fix my wallet? How? Tell the to put that address into my account/wallet?
I think the problem was that I had differente ADA addresses so the balance was 0.
Please, give me your thoughts.

You must think how many atomic wallet addres do u have… and how many seed words do u have… if u had ada on your IPAD but on other 2 devices which where restored with the same seed words then it is possible that the seed words to be broken or different… question: the ipad was the first device which u used to install the atomic wallet?

Did u follow these recomendations?

Type your 12-word recovery phrase word by word with spaces. Make sure you don’t have space before the first word and after the last. Check for capital letters. Re-read the phrase and press Restore .

Then set your password. We recommend having different passwords even if you want to have the same wallet on multiple devices.

After checking I realised that I have only ONE WALLET in different devices, why? Because all the coins have the same addresses, the only coin that after restoring changed was ADA, I have never created a new wallet, because every time I opened the app I see the same coins always, but not with ADA. And also, I have the TxID of the other coins transfers from binance to atomic the same day. How could it happened?
I have the ticket of the binance/atomic ADA transction to the original address that changed after restoring.
And yes, the root device was the IPAD, and the 12 words I took it from there… so… could you explain that?
The only thing I know is that at the moment my ADA coins are not in my wallet, I have 24 mails with atomic support, they are dancing me across the net… but not bringing me a solution.
Maybe I have to wait them to fix this, because this mistake is not on me.
Thanks for your help and if you have any suggestion please tell me.

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look what I found …

"you will need to contact atomic wallet. Atomic wallet isn’t like a normal wallet, they give out seed words you can only use with atomic wallet, no where else. Basically your funds are with atomic, you don’t truly have control over them.

I would contact atomic wallet, then if they give you access to your funds again, I would set up a wallet with daedalus or yoroi and move your funds there. At least you will have the true seed words to your funds"

And u are right, if the rest of the coin are in walle after u restored it, why ADA shouldn’t be? Keep put pressure on them till they will fix the issue!


it is possible to have luck… I read something interesting… try to go on adalite.io choose 12 words and write your seed words from atomic wallet.

you can ask the guys from atomic wallet support to confirm if you can restore the attomic ada wallet in daedalus or adalite base on atomic wallet 12 seed words…

My ADA,XRP,DOGE dissappeared from my atomic wallet after i restore with my keys, always have my keys on the paper so no one have access, everything was fine,after i logg in next day, 8000 euro gone.

can i get it back ? as i did not send anything anywhere

Hi @RadVel ,

I am so sorry to hear that. You need to contact atomic wallet support team.

  • Did you install any scam app in your desktop/mobile?
  • I saw several posts, people installed atomic wallet having the same issue like you. So I suggest that next time its better to use the official Cardano wallet (Yoroi/Daedalus) + paired with hardware wallet (Ledger/Trezor)

Hope that you can get your ADA back.

No just ordinary atomic wallet, I have it long time, but after restore it, it is was all gone, I can see where it is go but not who did it, I nobody have keys just me.Is possible to get my funds or they are lost it is a lot money for me 8200€ Radek

I mean after you restored your atomic wallet, it still have the same wallet address like you had previously right (addr1xxxxxx)? But you that your ADA is transferred somewhere else??

I don’t have any idea. Maybe your wallet get hacked.

2nd possibilities: when you restored your atomic wallet, accidentally somehow it creates new wallet address. So it’s not your old wallet address.

In this case, contacting the Atomic Wallet support team is the best way.

It Is the same Wallet ,samé adresses,some crypto stayed, some gone the valuable things go Away ,stayed ONLY 289$ shitcoiny,how can be hacked without keys, keys on paper, nobody know i Have aby crypto or wallets, Also reportér to Atomic wallet support, but Have to Wait 96 Hours + because they Are busy

Dne čt 25. 3. 2021 11:08 uživatel Andreas Sosilo via Cardano Forum <cardano@discoursemail.com> napsal:

Do u see any dubious transactions in history?

If not, could be a synchronization issue

Yes ONLY to posibility stolen or Atomic know where IT Ford, if srpen can i get IT back

Dne čt 25. 3. 2021 11:32 uživatel Radek Velicka <radestamala@gmail.com> napsal:

Can i get IT back if IT was stolen? Or can Atomic Have Acces to.my Wallet?

Dne čt 25. 3. 2021 11:34 uživatel Radek Velicka <radestamala@gmail.com> napsal:

After recovery, there transaction Xrp,Doge Ada, 8200 euro gone, nobody has keys ONLY mě ,how IT Is possible

Dne čt 25. 3. 2021 11:44 uživatel Charity Pool [CHRTY] via Cardano Forum <cardano@discoursemail.com> napsal:

I’m not so sure. I think Atomic Wallet apps might be compromised by hacker (from Atomic Wallet side). Just wait & check what is the answer from the Atomic Wallet Support Team. I don’t have any more idea (I never use Atomic Wallet).

I’m so sorry, you cannot get it back if it’s stolen (hard fact). You could inform police about it.