Lost ADA after restoring Atomic Wallet

Did you hear about coinfirm british company fór reclaim stolen coins, they somehow trying to get coins back from exchanges, watching the wallets where stolen crypto goes, i wrote to police, no reply, Atomic wallet support waiting time 96+ Hours, crazy, i Lost faith in crypto Now, IT Is huge money fór mě ,working mám specialy this Bull run year, ai was slowly buying coins from má wages , Now alll gone

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You could try to contact coinfirm. Hope they can help you. I wish you get back your ADA and the rest of crypto soon :pray:t2:

Hello my friends.

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I have the very same problem and its fucked up.

Atomic Wallet support Team is shit and needs 4 - 5 days for a siingle answer that dosent helps at all.

Fuck off… If i get my ADA back I will leave Atomic… Shithole project it is…


Of course u should… move ur ada to daedalus or yoroi … u will have full support :wink:

So do you have any solution for whats going on?

I cant see a hack here, seems like a glitch to me.

Check ur atomic wallet address on cardanoscan.io

do u see the right funds to balance?

nope just whats left in my wallet and thats like nothing

Can u share the receiver address from atomic wallet? Or try to check on cardanoscan.io or https://explorer.mainnet.cardano.org/en

Do u see the transaction history with the funds that were sent to atomic wallet address?

Thats the transaction i didnt advise

Ok, this address has a balance of 968 ADA… and this amount was sent to atomic wallet?


The above address is the address from atomic wallet (receiver address)?

yep this is the receiver address

Ok… and how many ada do u see in ur atomic wallet? Do u see 968, less or 0?

1,33 but thats just because i received some. Before it was 0

If i would see my full balance i would not bother you mate. Thats my problem

I know but trying to collect all infos :wink:

Do u have the posibility to restore ur atomic wallet? Do u have the latest version installed?

yup tryed that already… much appreciated man!

I need to head off bro. Will be back tomorrow for sure. Would be great to stay in touch, if you are able to help. Also possible by mail Kcinn4y@gmail.com

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Hey fellas, back now…

Atomic support just dont really looks into my problem I have the feeling

They say my account was compromised, but thats actually not possible.

Any suggestions, what to do now?