Lost ADA after restoring Atomic Wallet

Do u see any transactions in transaction history? If not then is ok; also if u search for your atomic ada address on cardanoscan.io do u see the right balance?

Lol now it gets more confusing… A transaction in which my ADA left my wallet to somewhere was available since a couple minutes ago. I unstaked my remaining ADA and now this transaction left my history…

The only transaction left is the one, when i staked my ada:

Im totally lost man, never had such problems with any wallet. If someone can give me a clear answer that helps me reclaim my funds i will donate 100 ADA to him or her. Im getting grey hairs here…

By the way my balance is near 0

From where did u got help?
Did u shared with some one the seedwords/passphrase?

If u see a transaction then some one just moved ur ADA and can’t be recovered.


Thats the weird thing mate. I have never ever shared any seedwords.

Please check below. There is a screenshot of that weird transaction (leaving my wallet at the 19.03.21) i made just a couple days ago.

And another screenshot (of my hole transaction history) made just minutes ago. Its the same wallet.

Its totall weird…

Why is the transaction from the 19.03.21 not showing up here anymore?

Then I think some one hacked ur wallet :frowning:

I dont get it. Still i should see that transaction leaving my wallet… and its gone? How that?

Lots of people with Atomic Wallet get hacked as far as I know … I remember replied similar topics many times in the past few weeks … another victim here @Longbott0m1 .

Any official statement from Atomic site?

you can check on cardanoscan.io to check all transaction history… maybe there the transaction is visible

I have a similar problem, but I check my balance on Cardanoscan and I can see my Ada and I can see it is being staked. What do I do to get it back showing in atomic?

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Don’t be worry. many people have this problem at the moment due to hard fork. Be patient, certainly, tomorrow every thing is going to be OK

Don’t be worry. many people have this problem at the moment due to hard fork. Be patient, certainly, tomorrow every thing is going to be OK

Try to restore the attomic wallet on other device
A recommandation for u is to move ur ADA to an official wallet like Dedalus or Yoroi

Download only from official sources!
Daedalus is available only for desktop (there is a fake app for Android) and Yoroi is available for desktop and mobile!


Yeah I’ll leave it for a few days, if nothing then yoroi it is thanks

I did all that you saied an nothing happened .

if u see the correct balance on cardanoscan.io then is ok, probably u need to contact Atomic Wallet team and wait for the answer

for the last week I sent 8 email to support team but just I have got cliche answers . and my wallet wont be fixed.

the Cardano address before restoratuon was ******zuf and after restoration it become ******85

my ADA in 1st Cardano address(which I dont have access yet) has correct balance on cardanoscan.io . but my new Cardano address has zero ADA . I transfered ADA from binance to my Atomic wallet .
now I have access to my Atomic wallet . but in my atomic wallet do not have access to my 1st Cardano address which has about 246 ADA .

It might be fixed and my 1st Cardano address must return to my Atomic wallet

but they answer just the same emails . and it seems there is no intimation to fix this error