Stolen ADA from compromised wallet

It seems that my wallet may have been compromised. What would be the option of tracking the fraudster. It is very strange as I haven’t fallen for any scam or leaked my secrets.

Details on 2023/06/03 09:25
40,255.1826 - ADA was fraudulantly transfered to addr1qyyetqyq67pnj3ahcw8nf2kg3qx4dcpnxrt086vtatt3cxh2apqqj4syd3vgnljdgf6vfr5yvuwpqcaup4vwveyzgr2qt6kd56
My wallet is - addr1qyuh92ekwxlae0n73fgwm2ctttvxdmugqcyuaps4x346mvc5533p3w7cj98tk6v5jq58rnww7k3ses0mlnswrncptqmqfvtjt6
Hash is

Any help tracking the fraudster down would be appreciated.


Atomic wallet seems to have been compromised somehow. No further details known up to now.

As always in crypto, chances are not that great to get anything back. Transactions cannot be undone. Exchanges are not known for being very cooperative and they use the most uncooperative of them. Sorry!

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55k ada was stolen from my Atomic Wallet. It hurts more than a beating.


All my stolen ada still sits on the hackers address:

Please always be alert because it’s difficult to or can’t get the fraudster. Sorry :disappointed:

I believe the only option to retrieve stolen funds is if the hacker sends them to a KYC exchange and authorities intervene.

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I’m in the same boat. Lost 50,221.4615 ADA in the Atomic Wallet hack.

My ADA was sent to this address:

Any tips on how to track/trace and report the stolen funds - eg. how to find out on which exchange this address is located?

Here is a twitter post from Rick McCracken [DIGI] about where to get help and/or to report frauds.

Are you the victim of a crypto scam, fraud, or hack? Here are some links you can file a report.


The FTC at

CFTC Submit a Tip | CFTC

SEC | Report Suspected Securities Fraud or Wrongdoing


Hope that helps a bit, good luck.


Here is the tweet:

I wouldn’t get hopes up too much that they can actually do something to help in individual cases right now.

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Have you try contacting their support

Have you try contacting their support on Twitter?

I’m in the same boat. 7,800 ADA taken from my Atomic Wallet address.

My staked ADA on Atomic wallet were stolen.
Contrary to some people, I am a firm believer that they are gone forever.
I just want to understand how they were stolen, as not to repeat same mistakes in the future!

I ended up joining a class action lawsuit represented by the law firm Aylstock, Witkin, Kreis and Overholtz for those that lost money with Atomic wallet I suggest contacting them if you want a shot at getting some money back. I assume the more people that join the suit the better the chance of winning the case. The main issue is that Atomic Wallet had a security breach that they knew about from and audit and didn’t address it and that is what caused it to get hacked. I kept my keys printed in my safe, and my wallet was still hacked. I think you can email the law firm here if you want to join the case.

The old tweet from 3rd June is gone.

The new latest from Atomic Wallet seems to be:

Linking to:

@paulo_ferreira: Your transaction was already on 5th January. So, it might not be related to those things that all happened on 3rd June.

Also interesting where “your” transaction went:
Byron/Ddz addresses are often, but not always exchanges like Binance etc. Usually, scammers first go through one or two other addresses/wallets before sending lots of prey together to an exchange.

But that address doesn’t really look like either of those. The address of a scammer would typically have some incoming transactions with different volumes from different victims in relative short succession and then one large cash-out. And an exchange address would have a lot more traffic. But this has months of pause, then just 37 ADA out and two rather random incoming.

Do you remember what you may have done back in January?