Delegation Problem

Hello guys,

I hope you are doing well, I will tell you my problem.

Last month, I put 425 ADA on my Byron account that I then transferred to a Shelley account in order to be able to put them in a pool (ADLT7 AdaLite Stake Pool 7), for the moment everything goes well, I could see the next rewards on the Yoroi extension as well as my background.

Only, last week my pc blows up, graphic card dead, I reinstall windows blabla… I reinstall everything and I resynchronize my Ledger X to the Yoroi extension.

My Byron account connects with 0€ (logical since I had sent everything in the pool), I check the transactions, I saw what I did, everything is ok.

However, surprise, when I connect my Shelley account, I see nothing at all, no transactions, no funds, no delegation. I dig a bit, and I see that now the pool is not the same (ADLT2 AdaLite Stake Pool 2)
(click on the link)

So in conclusion, I have no visibility on my funds + pool history, I don’t even know if I could get them back, I’m even starting to go crazy and doubt if I really sent the money to the pool!

I hope you can help me!

Thanks for reading,


Could you please change the category of this topic from Staking&Delegation|Operate a Stake pool to English|Community Technical Support?
Hope under that category you will get better audience for your issue.
I think your are fine - since this ADA at least was delegated not sent… do you have the recovery phrase?

I think he has an issue with accessing the funds from ledger.

@Jimmy75 when u transferred ADA from byron to shelley are u sure there were sent to ledger wallet and not to a simple yoroi wallet?

also u can connect the ledger on

Hello @laplasz ! Yes, sorry I change the category.
Yes, I have the recovery phrase with the 12 words !

Hi @Alexd1985 Indeed, it’s a good track, honestly I’m not sure of anything right now, I’ll look into it and keep you posted. I’ll try also adalite

Thank you again for your help guys :slight_smile:

12 seed words was used for daedalus byron wallet, if u transferred to a simple yoroi shelley wallet u should have 15 seed words (yoroi use 15 seed words for both byron and shelley wallet)



so yes, when you transferred your funds to the shelley wallet - that means before that you had to create the Shelley wallet. - which has a different recovery phrase from the previous byron wallet. as @Alexd1985 said Shelley wallet has 15 seed words…

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Ok that’s mean I need to find this 15 words, I will dig this into my stuff.

Anycase, If I lost it, I guess it will be impossible to get back access to the account ? So bye bye money ><’

and a happy pool owner - delegated ADA for infinite time:)

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Alright guys @laplasz @Alexd1985 ! I got the 15 words, I took back everything !!
No happy pool owner this time haha

Thanks you again for your time and your clue (I guess that’s what i needed for my problem)

Wish you the best !