My Ada seems stuck in my Yoroi wallet/unknown pool

Hello I staked my Ada to a Meld2 ISPO pool. The ISPO is now closed. I want to delegate it to another pool but the MELD 2 pool now says that the pool is unknown and I keep getting the error message “An error occurred while trying to send the transaction” when I try to withdraw or delegate and it’s been like this for a while now, any advice on how to retrieve my Ada?

Just to add the delegation was through my nano s. when i i try to sedn to a different wallet on the confrim using ledger page it just crashes.

i have the same problem. i wanted to un staked ADA and everyting went away… my initial ADA investment and my rewards… nay help please

Guys, just use the and re-delegate from there… perhaps yoroi has few issues

ADA is not in Yoroi (or any other wallet), only the keys to do the transactions with you ADA are in the wallet. As Alex wrote, recover your wallet using the recovery words in another wallet software, like (what Alex recommended), or others like:

  • (my favorite) - there is the website version (lie for, but also the browser plugin version (like for Yoroi), and it also has a DApp connector and IOS App (Android app following in the future)
  • (similar to as features, no DApp connector yet)
  • Daedalus (full node wallet, it will download the whole blockchain, not for most of the users, but the official wallet)
  • Newer wallets like Nami, Flint or Gero. Nami will only see the funds in your first address, so it is not the best choice if you already used Yoroi, it will only see a small parts of your funds or even 0. But Nami is the first wallet that had a working DApp connector.
    Yoroi had a lot of sync issues lately, I stopped using it because if this and I am not using mostly (browser plugin) with hardware wallet.
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is another wallet? can i delegate there too? can i link my ledger nano to


Yes, yes and yes. From the post directly above yours:

There are tons of wallet softwares. The all access the same wallet if you give them the same seed or connect the same Ledger or Trezor.

awesome, thanks so much

Samething happened to me. I just had to keep on reopening the wallet by computer and phone , every so often through the day, and then you’ll learn that sometimes the refresh is just really really really really really slow.