Need some help to understand staking in Yoroi and blockchain explorer, please

Hi there, hope yall are having a good time!
Thanks to create, develope and improve Cardano, my fav alt.

I need some help to understand trx and delegation in my wallet Yoroi.

First I bought and sent some ADA’s to my new Yoroi wallet.
My yoroi adress is addr1q8djyek5ey526vyfj85qk0rtpcnjn4lplulxjn5k23kw0k9se84rw7yd4nt9pwqwgp3nk59d8vf2dst7h035yuqhv5ds8r0ag0

Here is the trx page: Transaction 4facaac1775e60913cf42291c5b382448067f5a565f4f056a72c73b1ba57e07c - Cardanoscan

It’s almost in the end of the page, in the 6th position if you start from the bottom. 4072 ADA’s.

I delegated it to a pool.

And after the delegation, the ADA’s appears in the blockchain explorer that they are in another adress, this one:

In Yoroi it appears as an inside-wallet transaction.

The first thing that I don’t understand if it’s this way how it works… funds change their adress when they are delegated? or the funds should appear in the adress that it used when I delegated it in the blockchain as well?

I didn’t realize about it, and then I bought more ADA’s and sent it to the allready delegated adress in Yoroi.

As you can see here: addr1q8djyek5ey526vyfj85qk0rtpcnjn4lplulxjn5k23kw0k9se84rw7yd4nt9pwqwgp3nk59d8vf2dst7h035yuqhv5ds8r0ag0

The second and last thing that I don’t understand is why this funds are not in the adress toguether with the other funds? It’s not necesary consistency in adresses when delegating, to belong to the same wallet or seed?
In my Yoroy wallet all the funds are together, about 5057, and they look controled by the same stake key:
This stake key: b0c9ea37788dacd650b80e40633b50ad3b12a6c17ebbe3427017651b
and giving me the stake rewards together…

What I’m missing? It’s all ok?

Thanks for your help.

When you delegate you stake your whole wallet.

Wallets can have multiple addresses.

You can see that you have two addresses delegated here:

Yoroi will offer you a new “fresh” address each time you use one. I believe this is a privacy focused feature but you don’t have to use it. I think your wallet looks fine and you are ok to leave things how they are.

If it really bothers you, you can send your Ada from one address to another within your wallet. Yoroi should show you all your receive addresses when you hit the “receive” button.


Thanks for reading and answering Spork. I’m triying to upgrade my blockchain knowledgement trought Cardano and Bitcoin protocols and your reply was helpful. C U in the blocks!

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I am new to crypto and pools. About 3 weeks ago, I opened a Yoroi Wallet. After I deposited funds in it and it crashed before I could delegate. It disappeared and I could not get to it . I then opened an AdaLite wallet. I put a little bit coins in it and (I think) I delegated it to DNEWS2. Now, on the AdaLite I have a $00.00 balance. It has DNEWS listed but the bright red button that says “DELEGATE” is showing. Does the pool have my coins (is that why my balance is $0?). Also, the next day, I was able to get into the Yori Wallet. All my money is there on the balance. It says that I have not staked yet. When I try to stake it to DNEWS it tells me that I can only stake to one pool. In my AdaLite Wallet it has a tab asking me if I want to add another wallet.

I am 70 years old and this is not something that I usually do on my computer. I thought I better get some help if someone would be so kind. I do not have much money and I do not want to loose what little I have.
Is there somewhere the illustrates what your wallets look like after you stake and where to find your balances. Also, how do you unstake?

Thank you again


First, there is no age limit, welcome aboard!

Now, go to yoroi to receive section, copy one old/used address and paste it on

You should be able to see infos like balance, rewards and to which pool the wallet is delegated

Also, if u will go in yoroi to delegation center u should see also this info



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That’s great :+1: the empirical approach is a good way to learn.

Beware of the giveaway scams.

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