My Yoroi show 0 to withdraw but enough delegated


So do u have 0 ADA rewards available for withdraw?

I have enough delegated but 0 available (have staked in a Pool) - I just can’t withdraw.

  • sorry for the extreme delay (didn’t get the notification)

When did u delegated (which epoch)? Can u provide the pool ticker or one of your wallet address?
Can you see something

ok, in order to withdraw the rewards you need to have at least ~0,2 ADA on your wallet for transaction fee

  • send 1 ADA to wallet address
  • withdraw the rewards
  • deregister the stake address (when you will withdraw the rewards check the box deregister) and you will receive 2ADA back, paid for registering the stake address
  • move the funds to another wallet


Thanks for your help Alex

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I read in multiple threads that it has to be minimum 1 ADA that every transaction has to move plus ~0.2 ADA transaction fee, so ~1,2 ADA altogether. That’s why I’m always recommending 2 ADA to be on the safe side.

Was that wrong? Does it only need the transaction fee?

I have seen that. I have another question;
Have tried to set up a ADA Wallet for my ledger have then transferred funds, but cannot see either Wallet or funds.
If I send you the wallet address; can you see where it is?

share the wallet address… did u paired the ledger on yoroi? Open and connect the ledger… do u see the balance now?


Can’t copy the address; but transaction ID above

2 months ago u sent 2,400. 413218 + 1,545.699761 ₳ (2 transactions) to this address

but at the same date the fund were sent from the above address to address

Sorry to ask but am a starter: how can I know it is mine?

connect the ledger on and check the wallet but the last address (where the funds were sent) has a balance of 75k ADA

Guess something went wrong…

I was staking it with THOR the Viking Pool

The address provided by u never had a registered stake address (that wallet was never delegated)

I will have a look tomorrow Alex. Don’t have my ledger here. Thanks for the information

Wallets are basically identified by stake keys. If you look at the stake key in Yoroi, Daedalus or any other wallet application, you can identify yours.

As @Alexd1985 said, the transaction you shared has sent 2,400.413218 ₳ from the wallet

(a wallet delegated to THOR for 8 months, does that sound like your old wallet?) to the wallet:

This wallet also received 1,545.532294 ₳ from the wallet:

(a wallet that had just received the ADA from an exchange and did nothing more, did you have a second wallet for just one purchase of ADA?)

Then, all the Ada together were transferred to a fourth wallet:

with 75,000 ADA in there, delegated to RSTK, active for the last 2 months. Could that be your Ledger?

The last one was the mistake I’m afraid. Wanted it to go to my Ledger.