Ada staking and delegation

Can anyone tell me the minimum quantity of ada to stake and to delegate in yoroi wallet?

The minimum… I think 2 ADA

And it can delegate also ?

The cost for delegation will be 2ADA for registering the stake address (which you will receive back when u will unstake) + ~ 0,2 ADA for transaction fees; so u should have at least 4 ADA when u start delegating

Got it thank u

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Minimum ADA for staking is 5 ADA. Cost of first delegation is 2.17ADA. So with a little math u need stake 50 minimum to get these money back in a year or so at rate of interest 5%. Real ROI is a bit lower last months.

I want to delegate it in yoroi wallet but It says : requested operation failed, this is all we know ; out of range integral type conversion attempted
Can anyone help ?

Can u try to restore the wallet?

Yes i restore in other device its successfully restored ,but when i start to delegate then it shows this error with every delegation

U can try to restore the wallet on and delegate from there till the yoroi issues will be fixed

Can you suggest me the delegating pool? dont know on which bases we have to select the delegation

It depends if u will wanna to support a project, the pool operator or to maximize the proffit

There are small pools with good projects which are not creating blocks each epoch and big pools which are creating blocks each epoch

To maximize the profit can you suggest me now

Try my pool charity pool - CHRTY … great projects and great reward

I can’t seem to withdraw my delegated funds in Yoroi and I’m unable to move to a different pool. Is anyone else experiencing this? This may be connected to me using a ledger nano X maybe? Any help would be great please.

Connect the ledger on (web based wallet) and redelegate from there

Hello folks. I want introduce my new pool ticker WAND. It is small pool for now because of not many delagtors yet but we have mission. For now I support Medicines les Borders and dog shelter. Also bought three computers for kids. The mission of pool is to support gifted people especially kids to can develop their potential and as soon as my pool start creating blocks regularly I am about to start cooperate with school from my city. Think it is exactly what is ada project destinned for.

@Gingersandal welcome to the comunity

Please note that during delegation the funds never leave your wallet. You are in full control of all your ADA and you can freele use it. The term “delegation” might be a bit misleading.

What is the error you get?