Can't enter an amount to stake in Yoroi

Hi all, new to staking. I recently moved my ADA off of Binance into Yoroi (connected to a Trezor T). Finally decided to take a plunge into staking but having a problem. After picking a pool off of the delegate list, I am brought to a screen where I have the option for adding the number of ADA I want to stake. Only problem is that I can’t enter a number. It stays zero, but I am given the option of hitting the delegate button, that then asks me to authorize my Trezor T. Any suggestions? I sent over a test amount of ADA into Yoroi, and can see them in Yoroi dashboard. Weird.

Screen Shot 2021-03-03 at 10.30.40 AM


U can’t choose how much to delegate… u will delegate all amount so u don’t need to modify that field


Ah that makes sense. Thank you. Got it figured out!