Yoroi disconnected my wallet from stake pool

My funds in my wallet are 0. How did this happen? I had over 1500 ADA in my wallet before the great forking. I can see my funds on chain delegated to pool. Is there anyone that can help?

Take care with telegram… do not provide the seed words to anyone!

Anyway can be sync issues, if u don’t see any suspicious transaction in history then you should be fine… check one address from yoroi on cardanoscan.io, do u see the right balance?

Yes, I see the correct balance. But I can’t see it in my wallet. It’s been 3 weeks now.

try to restore the wallet using the seedwords

Idem, i updated Daedalus to the new version (MAC) and it doesn’t open anymore … it gets to 99.99% and tells me to restore it. What happen? I need help.