What is going on with Yoroi

Our standard answer is: ccvault.io, adalite.io or one of the other alternatives will probably work.

For me, “Delegation List” in Yoroi Firefox and “Staking Center” in Yoroi Android are functional at the moment, so it is not a global problem.

You have almost a week, as far as I know, so there is no real rush.

Ok, but I thought u said u are using yoroi on brave browser on galaxy tablet… did u tried the yoroi app from store?

I thought it was the app, because @jay32100 wrote “Staking Center”.

Browser and mobile are disturbingly different and “Staking Center” is the wording of the app, as far as I know.

Alex Yes, I did say that. I meant… I went to Cardano.org to download the wallet into Android. Everything worked fine except accessing to staking center in the Yoroi wallet. I don’t even know how to delegate otherwise. Is there any other way to delegate?

Thank you Hepta! I thought ISO date was set for 20th. I am not all up to date on all the message on tweeter. Is it set to 25th now?

Every wallet app has its own delegation interface. You can use Daedalus, ccvault.io, adalite.io, Yoroi in the browser, …

You just have to restore your wallet with the seed phrase to one of these other wallet apps (if you trust them enough, the inhabitants of this forum would approve all of them).

restore the wallet on adalite.io and delegate from there

I believe u will need to delegate till 20 so on 25 the stake will be active

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I’m not at all into Sundae, but https://sundaeswap-finance.medium.com/wen-sundae-thursday-9389e4439530#9ae5 as well as https://sundaeswap.finance/posts/wen-sundae say 25th (I was sure, they said 18th, a couple of hours ago).

Thank you Alex and Hepta!
I feel so comfortable coming here to ask questions and getting answers… so warm since I am relatively new to this crypto space. Learning something new everyday! I really appreciate it!!

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Possible, but their wording is:

The ISO will begin as well on Thursday, January 20, and will continue for five epochs, with rewards (5% of the total SUNDAE supply, 1% per epoch) being distributed based on the snapshots that will be taken at each epoch boundary.
To participate in each ISO reward round, you must delegate prior to the follow dates:
Round 1: January 25th (21:45 UTC)

I would read that as delegation till snapshot of 25th (active from 30th till 4th, rewards paid on 9th) is enough.