Yoroi wallet: “Due to protocol update, the rewards are being recalculated”


Hello, all I get for days now is the following on my Yoroi wallet under - total rewards
“Due to protocol update, the rewards are being recalculated”

What is going on please ? I cant withdraw or do anything since the Alonzo


The development team is aware of the bug and they are trying to fix it asap.

Your funds are safe and you dont have to worry about that. If you need access to your rewards, you are able to restore your wallet via adalite.io.


Thankyou. Its causing alot of stress.
Do they put updates to the ongoing issue anywhere we can read ?

Not sure. Id recommand following the offical twitter channel https://twitter.com/YoroiWallet to stay updated :slight_smile:

It may not be easy, but you need to chill.

Yoroi may not be able to calculate your rewards correctly (due to a problem in the underlying cardano-db-sync system) but your rewards are safe, are still accumulating and this issue will be fixed.

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I am not so worried about the rewards as I am the safety of my funds in the wallet, is the wallet still functioning correctly ?

I have been “chilling” for days with this issue

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Your funds are not stored in your wallet, they are on the blockchain. As long as you have your seed phrase, they can be recovered.


It’s the same I live.

I’ve a Ledger Nano X. Now it’s the Alonzo update. I’ve received a message that says me: “Due to protocol update, the rewards are being recalculated.”

In any case, I try to redelegate. The support says me the rewards are blocked, but it’d be possible to redelegate. There’s no message. I come back to the previous step.

And I try to send 2 ADA. The message is: “It happened something unexpected. Try it again.” And I cann’t continue.

What’s going on?. What’s your opinion. What to do?.



I’ve been chilling yesterday and today.

I hope the wallet works well.



Thanks for your answer.

However, I don’t want to use my seed phrase to avoid more problems. For exemple to avoid to be hacked, stolen,… I don’t know.

This you need to take up with Yoroi support. Currently rewards are not being calculated correctly. All other aspects of Yoroi should be working.


There are more people with the same problems. Not only gwhatamido. I’ve written a new note and one person has contacted me via message and he asks me because he has the same problem

Let’s see what they say me.

I’ll tell you something.


Stil not seeing rewards and cannot access ADA to withdraw etc. When will this be fixed.


The team is aware of the bug and trying to fix it asap.

You can use adalite.io in the meantime.


Hi, if it can be of any help with previous versions is OK, as soon as I update (4.7.200) I get the error message. Browser Is Firefox ( 78.13.0esr 64bit), OS Linux (Open Suse 15.2)


espero que lo solucionen. no puedo sacar mis adas y encima las recompesas me han disminuido ya van 3 dias espero que para cuando ada llegue a 7 euros ya este solucionado, jajaja, saludos si alguien consigue solucionarlo que informe, muchas gracias.


A mi también me da error Due to protocol update, the rewards are being recalculated.
Uso Yoroy como extensión de Edge bajo Windows. Alguien sabe como se soluciona? Gracias


Any news? Time horizon?


Id recommand following the offical twitter account for any updates