Withrawn from Abra to Yoroi still did not receive Adacoins

Hi guys! Sorry I’m fairly new to this. I exchanged my ADA from Abra to Yoroi. From my understanding, the address used in Yoroi should turn into an old address however upon doing the withdrawal transaction, the address still shows up to be fresh in Yoroi, and marked completed in Abra and my funds are still not in Yoroi

It’s been 4 hours since the transaction. Is this normal?

I’m using the Yoroi mobile app


Your transaction could be delayed due to high activity on exchange.

Search ur yoroi (receiving address) addres here to check if u see any activity:


Thank you for this link and information! I’ll go monitor throughout the day then.

I did check on that link and can see still 0 Ada but it is active address. I guess I’ll have to wait and report if it still hasn’t hit my wallet after a day

Ohh wait… Abra Wallet?

It seems they not supporting shelley yet!

Contact them and ask to fix the issue, also ask then if they have an ETA for shelley support.
If they don’t have then u have an option to move ur funds to another exchange wich support shelley and from there in your yoroi wallet

Yes Abra wallet to Yoroi. Oh nooo alright will do that then!

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