First transfers of ADA from an Australian exchange to Yoroi, its been 40mins and still nothing

Hi, hopefully someone can shed some light.

Using Yorio extension on Brave, and have also downloaded the android app, however its saying “We’re experiencing synchronization issues. Pull to refresh”

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Hi There,

Could you share your transaction ID?
If you cannot query the transaction in explorer, it would likely be pending on the exchange end.

I am not seeing synchronisation issues on Yoroi mainnet (and you cannot send funds to testnet from exchanges).

I just want to tell you I just transfer from exchange too and transfer to yoroi wallet. And it’s find. It’s just take about couple of minutes before it shows up in my wallet. Are you sure you use the external wallet address to receive ADA?

Since when is Brave browser supported by Yoroi?

Since more than a year (April 2019)


The exchanged responded saying sending has been disabled due to maintenance so I’ll just have to wait.

Thanks for replying so promptly.

Only just saw this thread yep Yoroi is in maintenance mode, exciting times, however a slight pain having to type in my phrase in a wallet viewer each time I transact however on the bright side I know it off by heart :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::vulcan_salute:Scrub that I was using another wallet, too many wallets that’s the issue :rofl::rofl::rofl: