ADA not showing up

I sent some ADA fron Binance to the Yoroi wallet. Binance confirmed the withdrawal, and it does show up on the explorer. However, there’s nothing in Yoroi, it only says “we are experiencing synchronization issue. Please pull to refresh”. I don’t have the recovery phrase.

It’s been like this for over 6 hours.

There is a known issue currently that only impacts Mobile Wallets, as long as you can query your funds in explorer your funds are safe.
If you want to use your funds or verify, you can restore same wallet in Yoroi chrome extension, Daedalus Mainnet or ADALite.

Please ensure to only use official links omly.

You can find a list of wallets here alongwith their links.

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How can I restore my wallet withouth the recovery phrase?

You need the recovery phrase for restoring wallets. If you dont have it, I recommend you to patiently wait for outage to finish (usually its less than half a day at max) - and you should be alright

I have the same issue. But where do you get these updates from related to Yoroi iOS wallets. Is there a news channel from Yoroi or Emurgo?

I can imagine it is quite annoying if the forum is bombarded with these kind of questions while there may be a direct news channel from Yoroi / Emurgo where the current disruptions are visible


It will be solved soon, there was an update that was pending approval of app stores as Yoroi mobile apps start pointing towards new (from cardano-sl to cardano-node) servers.
As soon as update is available you should be good to resume. Checkout official tweet here


I hope so because I already updated the Yoroi Wallet app and I’m still getting the same as didgeridoo.

As mentioned above, the update is awaiting app store approval, its not out yet. Once it is out, make sure to update and your wallet will resume functionality

I reckon the update I got was a previous update then?

Did you see in the explorer if you have your ada in the wallet ?

FYI - iOS users should now be able to update, check official announcement here
Android users still need to wait for Google to publish the app

Why would you send funds to a wallet if you don’t have the recovery phrase? Seems like it would be better to create a new wallet first.