Yoroi wallet shows 0 ADA after recovery

Hi, I just wanted to check my Yoroi wallet, opened app on my iPhone as always, but out of nowhere I had to pick a language and accept terms of use, which I did. It looked like it would be my first run of the application (but I have it for months). Then my wallet wasn’t there, so I restated the app, refreshed several times, without any success. So I decided to restore my wallet with 15 words phrase - it worked, by my funds (ADA) are gone and there’s no transaction history. Basically like a fresh wallet. I’m worried I somehow lost it all… Do you have any ideas what could be the issue? Is there a synchronization time after wallet recovery and I should just wait? Any support would be appreciated!

Nvm guys, I reinstalled the app and it’s good now :slight_smile:

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