Switched to a new iPhone from previous one, lost ada in yoroi wallet

I’m just a little broken up about this. I switched iPhones recently and i’m putting in the recovery phrase for yoroi wallet to recover my staked ADA. It’s not showing up at all. What am I doing wrong? My wife and I are pretty freaked out about it. Can someone please help? I’d be very very grateful.

I have my recovery phrase written down and all that, but no help. I also have all the transaction data in Coinbase and such, but nothing in yoroi.

Could it be just taking awhile to show? Been a few hours.

Thanks so much.

It could be related to the sync issues some people are having right now. Id wait until they fix the sync issue.


Thanks so much.

Yea if your restoring today then sync issues, I couldn’t access my funds all day……

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Okay, well weird as it is to say I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one. Just scary! I hope it clears up soon for all of us.

Use Adalite wallet and check your funds. If you have your recovery phrase, nothing will be lost.