Ada Sent from Kraken not showing up on YOROI Chrome extension shelley -standard wallet

I sent 500 ADA to YOROI Chrome extension shelley -standard wallet. I verified that wallet address matches and after over 24 hours still showing 0.00000 ADA as by balance. Is there a way to fix that.

Did the transaction went through on Kraken?

Can you post a txid?

Also look up your address on and check the balance.

Yes The transaction id is 5dc035ec5e77dee314162167c89d824c6bd0a5911685de9191e019ed255ec000
Wallet address verified: addr1q9jwph5n676fnmdfrp5tldm4al6dk2vj3m500vygqdsznegr5epmk05nqraptpuvwvctwme65fmm2xmlxq9cshqpnfgssukwzu

Balance 499.0
Value $ 1,432.13
Transaction Count 1



*** Not sure what the no tokens means ***
Still not showing up in wallet. How do I get to coins?

Yoroi seems to have some issues these days. Most important is that the funds are recorded on the chain.

NO TOKENS means you have no other native tokens attached.

You could try importing the wallet into Daedalus. Daedalus is a full node wallet so it’ll read the data directly from the blockchain. Setting it up will require a few hours for the chain sync and several GB of space.

Thank you. I appreciate your help.

I exported the Money from Yoroi wallet to Binance with same results.

Transaction ID



Sir i have the same problem i send ada from yoroi to binance but not recieve yet

@Jeremy_McCluggage So eventually the funds became visible in Yoroi and you sent them to Binance?

With Binane and other exchanges you always need to wait a bit longer because you don’t own the keys. Everything is owned by the exchange.