Shelley Ledger transactions not showing up in Yoroi

I’m trying to send funds from a Daedalus 2.1.0 mainnet wallet to my Ledger Nano S. It has the latest firmware and Cardano app installed as of this post. I sent 10 ADA to my Ledger using The transaction successfully shows up both in Daedalus as well as in

However, I wanted to double confirm that the transaction also shows up using Yoroi. I am using the Yoroi extension 3.0.0 in Brave browser. The 10 ADA transaction does not show up there but I can see all past transactions done to/from my Ledger.

Is this a known issue with Yoroi or did provide me with an incorrect address? The address was in Shelley format addr1…

Yoroi is currently still under maintenance and does not support hardware wallets right now.

Check out the latest tweet from Sebastien :


Thank you for a prompt reply, @Zyroxa.

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I tried with Yoroi 3.1.1 Browser extension to restore a Shelley Ledger wallet that has funds, but in Yoroi it will show the balance as 0.0 ADA.

The wallet is used on and is staking already. Hence, on adalite there are 4 “balances”:

  • staking
  • non-staking
  • rewards
  • balance

When staking, the staking balance = non-zero, while the non-staking balance = 0. However, “balance” does show the ADA amount available, regardless of staking and non-staking.

I wonder if Yoroi is showing in v3.1.1 erroneously the balance due to staking taking place.

Hardware wallets arent supported on Yoroi right now.


@Zyroxa, thanks for clarifying that. It’s not obvious from the Wallet that this is the situation.

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I thought Trezor was supported now apparently? Anyways, I have 2 questions… I have some ADA in a trezor, is there anything I need to do on my end? Am I able to send ADA to that trezor? Do I need to create a Shelley wallet for that trezor? This whole thing is so confusing, I’m sorry

Yeah you are right, Trezor is supported with the last update! Excuse me :slight_smile:

I do not know trezor that well but im pretty sure that you have to migrate to a new Shelley wallet aswell before you send new funds to your address.

I got a Response back from Emurgo. Apparently in Yoroi 3.1.1 they had accidentally forgotten to deactivate the ledger feature. Version 3.1.2 seems to have this fixed. In a nutshell we have to wait for ledger support as explained above. Emurgo advised me to delete the wallet I “restored” with ledger in version 3.1.1, which was empty, stating it is set up incorrectly. I did so.

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