Any help would be greatly appreciated

i made the mistake of transferring ADA to my hardware nano x (etherium address) from my online platform without having yoroi connected. now i have downloaded yoroi on my desktop but even after i sync the balance is zero. is there any way i can recover this amount i transferred? any help would be greatly appreciated. paul

Im not sure if i understand you correct. But if you sent your ada to an ETH address and the transaction went through your ada are lost. You may want to contact your exchange because a few exchange has some security mechanisms so you cant send ada to an ETH address.


May I ask which platform that exactly was? Because to be clear: there is no way to transfer ada to an Ethereum address. The wallet software will not allow such an address. If an exchange claims this, then please ask for a transaction id. They will not be able to deliver any.

I know this is still a problem on many exchanges and they will likely charge you for “investigation costs” or “recovery costs” but protocol wise you can not send ada to an invalid (in terms of Cardano protocol) address.

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i really appreciate your reply guys. the platform was swyftx (australian) and i used a ledger nano x. when i was trying to send it to my hardware wallet, the ledger live said this was supported on the etherium network and i already had the ADA downloaded on my hardware. it accepted the address but just never turned up on my hardware and even after downloading and connecting the ADA the balance is still zero. i’ve contacted swyftx, they said i should contact ledger which i have and they referred me to you guys. i’ll persist with the platform, i think that might be my best bet. much appreciated again.

Thanks for the follow-up @phepn, I recommend the following:

Please request a transaction id if you do not have one already. If they have tried to send ada to an Ethereum address, they will not have a transaction id. (And without a transaction id, the transaction did not happen, it is that easy)

If you have a transaction ID, then someone would have to look at it. You could send it as private message (if you like to share it) and we will look into it.