Missing ADA

I was sending ADA from a Yoroi wallet to a Ledger X Yoroi wallet on my PC. Its says ADA received. But I don’t see the ADA in the Ledger X Yoroi wallet. Is their anyway I can retrieve that ADA?


Go to ledger - copy one address from recieve section and check the address on cardanoscan.io

Do u see the right balance?

In “Address” it says Balance 0.0 “Transactions” under Total Output it shows me the right Balance.

Does that mean its still in transit?

Nope, it means the ADA are on ledger… check on cardanoscan.io the address used to receive ADA and u will see also the correct balance… remember that the wallet has more addresses and ADA can be found on different addresses but same wallet- if u click on view all addresses u will see all addresses for that wallet and the funds available for each address

I clicked view all. I do see my funds. How do I access that address to retrieve the funds?

U can’t specify from which address to withdraw but u can move all funds to one address inside ledger

Basically… for withdraw just go to the ledger wallet and click on send section, add the destination address plus the amount and confirm the transaction

When I do that it just says “insufficient funds” when I try to send.

Just an update. I was able to get my ADA back. I removed the wallet, than reinstalled it. Upon installation it told me I had ADA and do I want to add it to my wallet.

Thanks for taking to time to help.