Copied address on yoroi was wrong how can I get it back


Can someone please help me and tell me what I need to do to rectify this if it can be at all. I copied the address straight from the yoroi wallet and it has added in extra letters and possibly lost me my funds. The address it sent them to was


Not sure if the addr is supposed to be there but have seen other addresses and have a bad feeling about. Please get back to me ASAP

Hello @vkturbo

There is no possibility to reverse a transaction in a decentralised network. So your funds are lost if the transaction is confirmed by the network.

Im sorry.

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Can you give us more information whether Yoroi Browser or Yoroi Mobile. Usually when you enter a wrong address (more characters, or spaces) a red exclamation mark appears that the address is wrong.

The address you’ve entered is perfectly fine. It already did receive funds about 30 minutes ago. And I see that the funds have since then been moved further about 15 mins ago.

I am assuming that is an action initiated by you as well. In general, the addr that you think it added is the new shelley format and is expected to be present. So looks like your issue may have already been resolved since the time you created this thread

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If you have used copy and paste on your computer you always have to be check that your address hasn’t been altered in some way, i always check the first 5 or 6 and last 5 or 6 characters (there was a problem some time ago with Ledgers where a hacker had managed to put some virus on a computer notepad that enabled them to change deposit address’s)
Also see article link

Yoroi/Daedulas are safe, what you need to aware of , is your computer compromised ?

Good luck

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Hi yes thankyou for that, yes that was me who moved them second for staking. Was just con erned as it took a while for a txid to show and thought I messed it up. Thank you all for the very quick replies I seriously appreciate it.

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Good to know: native Cardano wallets will detect if a character is missing at the end or the beginning of the address. They will refuse to send to such an address. (They will also catch sending from different networks like testnet to mainnet or vice versa)

It is still worth to triple check the address. In particular exchanges often allow all kinds of crazy transaction addresses that are even not allowed by the protocol itself. And then, they will charge you to “get back :face_with_raised_eyebrow:” the funds.

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I agree with Tommy, but just a first point of check if any exchange (tho I believe most professional ones stopped doing this a while ago) comes up with such stance, question to that exchange/support would be show us tx hash of their transaction , it is imperative for any exchange to provide proof of their tx, and if they cannot - they’re liable to a fraudulent attempt.

(Understand that this post was already resolved with no actions required, but just in case someone hits this post in future)

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