ADA Stolen using Yoroi Extention App

Hi Guys,
We just found out about another incident of stolen funds. This time it happened for someone from our community. the root cause is a malware running in the background of the PC.

Please make sure to check your send address 100 times before you send to it! do not rely on the copy & paste via clipboard! not even via Yoroi app on mobile and not even via Daedalus.

Incident details:
Our guy tried to send funds from a wallet from Yoroi extension on chrome to his new Ledger which he paired it with the same Yoroi extension app. Apparently there was a malware running in the background of his PC (Windows 10) and it took over the copied address from the ledger receive tab and actually copied another completely different address to the clipboard.

Our guy lost 5342 ADA by sending to this address:

in this Transaction:

We will try to investigate and bring more details about the malware, and also talk with Emurgo via their customer service.

Just had the same experience with

Caught it at the very last moment! This is devious!

Any idea what the malware is? Nothing showing up in any scans I run