Lost my Ada balance on yoroi

Hi all,

Just wanted to report I was seemingly scammed. After not checking my balance for a few weeks, I open yoroi again to find my balance is almost zero. There was an outgoing transaction of 1650 ada on June 28th that I did not do myself. The address is copied below and so is the cardanoscan link. It seems a bit suspicious to me: there are two transactions to this address- one inflow of my ada and one huge outflow of 124,562 ada.

I can’t say I’ve been very safe in browsing so I guess I just have myself to blame. But perhaps anybody has any thoughts on how this may have happened? Additionally, I initially used daedalus wallet but since my laptop can hardly handle that I restored my wallet in yoroi about a year ago. Around the same date of this suspicious transaction I happened to delete the daeadelus wallet from my computer after ~1 year of not using it. Is that in any way related to the outgoing funds? And why is the outgoing wallet address in my ‘address book?’

Thanks for any help!

Cardano scan: Address addr1qxl5dvssc2c76nfdkyfl94asah5s0kuz37vhqh78vkm3kwunycyk0wy2fn6tjxexpdg9yceput30p4t5cr2kcfwv2dzsd2qwwu - Cardanoscan

Address: addr1qxl5dvssc2c76nfdkyfl94asah5s0kuz37vhqh78vkm3kwunycyk0wy2fn6tjxexpdg9yceput30p4t5cr2kcfwv2dzsd2qwwu

The top reason is having given the seed phrase to a scam site. Other possibilities are that you stored the seed phrase somewhere online where it could be hacked or malware on your computer that grabbed the private key (encrypted by the spending password in most/all wallet apps) and grabbed or cracked the spending password or found your seed phrase (if you stored it in a text file, screenshot, image, …).

Probably not. Just deleting the software and its data can hardly have any influence.

Yoroi adds all addresses it has seen used in transactions to its “address book”.