Help, All my ADA gone overnight?

Yesterday night i made a transfer of 500 ada to for selling i should have 19600 ADA left in my wallet, but when i checked cardano explorer my wallet seems to be empty.Is this normal?
Do i need to create a new recieving adress to see my new balance? i havent had time to check my wallet so im afaid everything is gone.

What amount does your Daedalus/Yoroiwallet say when you log in using 12 or 15 seeds?
Or did you transfer from another exchange?

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I havent been able to check my Daedalus wallet if the funds are there, but i when i checked cardano explorer it said there are 0 ada in my wallet?

So is it normal that cardano shows 0 funds after u make a transfer from that recieve adress?

Cardano (Explorer) is based on UTXO model.

Check your wallet via login with 12/15 seeds and follow up this thread if its still needed. Good Luck.


Frocco even of its based on UTXO model it should update what address is the holder of the ADA for convinience so you can check in explorer if ADA is there.

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But you made a deposit using Deadalus or Yoroi?
That would tell you the amount that is left in your wallet… right?

Or did you or someone else made another transaction.
Did you use your PC or phone?

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Yes, because the leftover unspent output is transferred to a new address, still part of your wallet. Check this

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Your wallet should show your balance.

The explorer is a bit more complicated. If you are looking at the address that did have the ADA, it’s going to have zero now. Everytime you send ADA all the rest (the change) is sent to a new address belonging to you. It works like Bitcoin, not like Ethereum. The wallet knows all addresses belonging to it, adds up the amounts on them, then shows you that balance.

So check your wallet - and let us know. :slight_smile:

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tymo39, I thought the same thing

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