Why does Yoroi change receive address?

Hi all,
Why does Yoroi change its address after a transaction? Just curious.
Funny story: I bookmarked my Yoroi computer address on Ada scan, then the next day I sent a few to the mobile phone Yoroi just playing around. The next day I checked my bookmarked address and it said 0 balance. I thought I was hacked! I started hyperventilating and sweating and swearing and I couldn’t think. I thought it was all gone and I’d never get it back! When I calmed down a little I opened Yoroi and it was all there. What a relief! But now the address was different. I had just moved everything to Yoroi from a paper wallet in anticipation of ledger Nano compatibility.
So, what is the reason? I’m used to the paper wallet always having the same receive address to send to.

Check this post

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Thanks rdlrt that helps