Send ada to yoroi wallet, wrong address


I set the yoroi wallet and transfered some ada from Crypto app.

I wanted to send some more the next day and i used the same address. Didnt know i have to use a different one for each transfer.

Any help would be great!!

To rephrase.

I used the same address twice.

I didnt know i have to change it every time?

Hi @mattnoob

You are able to use your addresses as often as you want.


I was afraid because it says o the yoroi app, that the address changes everytime u use it

Is it possible that sending larger amounts of ada takes more time?

Nope, u can use same old addresse as well

Can happens sometimes, check the transactions ID on

Only the transaction from yesterday is shown, i transfered ada an hour ago today. No signs of it in my toroi wallet

Crypto is a legit app. Maybe they’re utilizing fractional reserve, or staking too much of their customer’s ADA. They will send eventually. Voyager took 48 hours once. Binance is performing ADA wallet “maintenance” every now and then, as well. Good luck!

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Aww, ok.
Sorry for being perhaps too fast;-)

I see its still pending on the cryptoapp. I sent 100 ada yesterday and they arrived in minutes.

Thanks for fast response guys!!

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Just wanted to share an update.
I got he whole ada transfer late in the morning in my yoroi wallet.
Let the staking begin!

Nice to be a part of this group btw