I lost my ADA !?

Hello guys!
I tried to vote for first time on Catalyst and I don’t know how but I lost 2k ADA from my wallet (Yoroi). If I m going on transactions I can see the transaction, I open it and if I click on transaction ID he send me on CARDANO BLOCKCHAIN EXPLORER. My ADA are there. Any chance recover my ADA ? PLEASE I NEED HELP!

I don’t think the catalyst has anything to do with that. Maybe you had malicious software that changes address when you make a payment. You used yoroi on a phone or the extension on PC?
Can you share the transaction link? Did you restore wallet lately?

On pc ! Transaction | Cardano Explorer

No I didn’t restore the wallet yet!

This is the address that received your ada. Does this belong to you?
If you follow the transactions you will see your ada jumping to other addresses at once so i believe something bad happened…

It’s not my address . The only thing I did was to scan qr code from my walet on the catalyst , can generate different code?

It’s a bit common if you got malicious software on your PC that changes address to steal cryptos.
You need to always double check the address. Unfortunately i believe your ADA are gone.