Yoroi compromised

I’ve made a Yoroi extension last night. Sent some ADA, delegated it to a secure pool. Today I opened my wallet to find balance at 0. The computer is brand new, I didn’t download any suspicious apps, open any sponsored or unofficial links, nor saved any of my passwords or key phrases on my laptop. I’ve said goodbye to my ADA, but would appreciate any insight into how this might’ve happened

First: Do you see an outgoing transaction in Yoroi? It might just be one of Yoroi’s usual synchronisation issues and might appear again after resyncing the wallet or just waiting.

Then: From where did you install which Yoroi? That you could see the incoming transaction and could delegate sounds like it was not one of the very simple fakes. (They usually just have a seed phrase input dialog and not real wallet app functionality.) But maybe the scammers are getting better?

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