ADA missing

I needed to transfer my ADA to Binance from my yoroi wallet. But some how they were sent to an address in my address book. I have checked on cardanoscan and I can see the ADA in this new address. How do I get the ADA back into my Yoroi Wallet

Transactions on a blockchain like Cardano’s (its the same for all cryptos) cannot be reversed.

Your only option is to contact the owner of the address your coins were sent to and ask for them to be returned.

Hi erikd
The address that the ADA is in came from my address book, does that not make me the owner of that address. If I am not the owner how do I find out who the owner of the address is? I will admit I find all the address on Cardano confusing.

The address came from your address book. Maybe you can find out who they are by the date and amount of ADA that you sent them. A friend, an ADA merch store, Save the Children…